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The Most Dangerous Man


Roy Schreiber and Terry Phillips


In this special four-part miniseries, a controversial political figure is accused of violating the Espionage Act. His backers want him to run for president again... even if he's convicted and sent to prison. A look into the future? No. It happened a century ago.


The series features Paul Rogan as Eugene Debs and Louis Brandeis, Tim McCaffrey as Clyde Miller, Stella Valente as Kate Debs, Hayes Dunlap as Edwin Wertz, Collin Hughes as Francis Kavanagh, Teg Gray as Seymore Stedman, the Bailiff and the Jailer, David Pinion as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Pilar Uribe as Janet and the Emcee, with William Jones as Judge D.C. Westenhaver.


Script consultant: Mark Boyce

Casting director: Stella Valente


To hear episode 1, click here.

Released May 1, 2024


To hear episode 2, click here.

Released May 8, 2024.


To hear episode 3 click here.

Released May 15, 2024.


To hear episode 4, click here.

Released May 22, 2024.

Previous episodes are located in Archives.